The Man with the Iron Fists

by oddbodkins on June 29, 2012

OK, i’m probably stretching the limits of what constitutes “beat appropriate,” but, fuck you, it’s my blog.

And we do have the RZA behind the boards for this one.  Throw in some Black Keys for good measure (clearly not beat, but, goddamn, if they’re not best grungy garage blues slop band on the planet, i don’t know who is).

And then mix in kung-fu goodness on an epic scale.  Forget about Django Unchained, The Man with the Iron Fists is the Tarantino flick that is making me turgid.


Lead Breakfast (‘Pulp Fiction’ Remix) by Pogo

by oddbodkins on June 21, 2012

Yes, yes, yes, i know.  i’m a terrible blogger for leaving my legions of fans (two is a legion, right?) with so little content over the past month or so.  i also beat my woman ’til i get satisfied, drink out of the carton, wear age-inappropriate clothes and regularly attend Nickelback fan club meetings.  i’m a bad, bad man.  But you’ll forgive me, right?  How about if i share the latest from OB superhero beathead Pogo and his take on what i consider the greatest movie of my generation?  No?  Alright, i’ll let you touch me there, but don’t tell anybody.  i can’t have everybody in the Interwebs hitting me up, after all.

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by oddbodkins on June 12, 2012

Gather round, children, as today we read from the Book of Funk, verse one (because as Dogfather George taught us, it’s always on the one).  “And lo, from the north there came DEAD HORSE BEATS, a beathead with a love for gospel.”  Built over the course of eight months, the artists also known as Patrick Wade’s latest, Vespers, contains 53 samples of gospel, found sound, soul and funk put together with added banjo, guitar, harmonica, synths, organs and ambient recorded stuff where DHB thought it would benefit the sound.  Somebody get this man a job in HR, as he clearly knows all about benefits.  Not to beat a dead horse, but if i’ve said it once, this will make it twice:  it’s all about the source material, kids.  DHB lovingly takes a distinct genre and bends it to his will, transforming and creating something distinctly non-gospel whilestill retaining all sorts of spirituality.  This is becoming his hallmark, as an earlier project focused on 1940s/WWII-era swing music proves.  Stick with it, sir.  Now if only i could talk him into a 1980s beatbox exclusive special…

mp3: I’ll Take Jesus for Mine (DEAD HORSE BEATS from Vespers)

mp3: Walk with Me (DEAD HORSE BEATS from Vespers)


Jonwayne Fucks Disney by Jonwayne

June 11, 2012

Review of and free mp3s from Jonwayne Fucks Disney by WeDidIt Collective member Jonwayne

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Boosh by Alphabets Heaven

June 8, 2012

Review of Boosh by Alphabets Heaven with free mp3 and video of Deartentonine

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Used Vinyl Review by Us Natives

June 7, 2012

Review of and free mp3s from Used Vinyl Review by Us Natives

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The Chill/Funk Trip by Made of Wood

June 6, 2012

Review of and free mp3s from The Chill/Funk Trip by Made of Wood

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Him Jenson by Durlin Lurt

May 16, 2012

Free mp3s from Him Jenson by Durlin Lurt, 26 tracks for each letter of the alphabet, comprised entirely of Jim Henson samples.

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RIP Adam Yauch (Aka MCA of the Beastie Boys) by Mochipet

May 7, 2012

Thoughts on the death of Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys and a free mp3 from Mochipet

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Far Far Away by Dainumo, Jeesh, P.SUS, Pogo

May 4, 2012

Review of and free mp3s from Far Far Away from Dainumo, Jeesh, P.SUS, Pogo

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