10 Minutes B4 the Liquor Store Closes by Pristine Angie

by oddbodkins on March 19, 2012

OK, so some of you may have seen the earlier post with what was a kick ass Willy Wonka remix, but apparently the artist decided to yank it from YouTube, so here we are.  That’s their perogative, but no free love ’round these parts for little children who won’t share their toys.  Never let it be said i don’t go to the mat for you people, as i’ve since unearthed this other, fantastic, Pogo-like mash-up from Trailer Park Boys.  If you don’t know Trailer Park Boys, remedy that with Netflix or the like immediately.  In the interim, this is good for your ear holes.

mp3: 10 Minutes B4 Liquor Store Closes (Pristine Angie from her blog)

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