1320 Records Volume 3

Wish i had something wittier to write about the latest comp sampler from 1320 Records, but i’m in a bit of a rush and a tad fatigued.  Is it enough simply to say that the latest installment from the venerable label is a slow burner of smoothed out, beat-indebted bangers that’s perfect for your chill out tent come down?  Volume 3 offers some of 1320’s highlight tracks from ’11, everything from auto-tuned R&B IDM to violin-infused hip-hop.  If you can’t find something between those two outposts that blows wind up your Winger tee-shirt, well, you’re clearly in the wrong place, sir.

mp3: Knock Me Down Girl (Slicker from 1320 Records Volume 3)

mp3: Dont Go (The Bins from 1320 Records Volume 3)


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