404 Sessions by Shatter Hands

Can something be futuristic retro?  Leave it to the big brains at Outlier Recordings to figure out how to bottle such noise in an audio format.  Presenting Shatter Hands, the latest beat head to join the always impressive OR roster.  On his label debut, the Danish young blood shows off his funky chops on Roland’s iconic SP-404 sampler, merging the blissful static of deep crates with occasional glitch and 8-bit flourishes to keep the robots honest.  When your children’s children’s robot slaves talk about the music their Parental Units used to listen to back in the day, it’s probably going to be music a lot like this.  From the man himself: “I bought the Roland SP-404SX back in August 2011. I bought it because I was going traveling, and wanted to get something done on the go. But I never got around to reading the manual, and never actually used it for production. Then in mid-February 2012 I sat down, read the manual, made the first session, and decided to do one beat a day after that, as a sort of dogma/obstruction concept, simply to learn how the machine worked. This is the result of 40 days. Thank you for listening.”

mp3: Session #4 (Shatter Hands from 404 Sessions)

mp3: Session #38 (Shatter Hands from 404 Sessions)

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