7even Sun’s Exclusive Mixtape for Odd Bloggings

It’s 4/20, boys and girls.  Sit back, relax, read a bit about beathead extraordinaire 7even Sun and do what comes naturally.  i guarantee this is the best slow ride you’ll take all day.

1.  Name, rank and serial number

7even Sun , unknown , 247

2.  The themes of “concrete” and “abstract” have been running rampant in your album titles lately (Abstractly Concrete, Concretely Abstract and Abscrete).  Care to expound a bit on what these things mean to you and/or your music?

Actually, I chose these titles after the conception of all the beats from the 2 EPs and the LP.
I tried to find a common concept that could apply to these 30 beats.
That’s when i thought about the themes of “concrete” and “abstract”, cause what struck me was that these tracks were oscillating between the reality and the dream/the virtual, often even into the same beat!

I did this unconsciously, but i think  this is the reflection of our nowadays world, with the virtual and internet taking more and more space in our realities, that’s maybe what inspires me. Plus, i’m a bit like that, too, my feet on the ground, but my head in the clouds!

Musically, I’d say that the concrete is represented when the production is more “classical” with instruments and melodies that you can easily identify. The abstract appears when things become more blurred and when you don’t clearly know what’s happening, it’s more a “mind thing”.

3. Speaking of your music, you’ve clearly got a laid back vibe going.  How would you describe the music you make?

HIP HOP, which is a blend of a lot of stuff! Personally i mostly use ingredients coming from Soul, Funk, Jazz, Latin Music or Electro.

I’d say that my music is somewhere between vintage and futuristic, between organic and digital, and as i was telling you, between concrete and abstract…

As far as the laid back vibe, it’s maybe because i try to be the most relaxed dude i can, i hate stress, and making music to chill to is one of the ways that help me to achieve this major goal.

4.  Time to spread the love–who is the one DJ/producer out there today you think deserves more exposure?

Wow, it’s hard to say, there are so many talented “underground “artists who deserve to be much more exposed! And at the same time, there are so much mediocre music that gets mad exposure on mainstream medias…that’s f****d up if you want my opinion.

But if i had to choose just one, i’d say Boonie Mayfield, just because he dropped maybe my favorite instrumental LP of last year (“Black Koolaid”), and because he got a killer groove!

5.  In that same vein, what’s the best beat/instrumental hip-hop/whatever-we’re-calling-it-this-week album you own?

Another hard question…I’m hesitating between Dilla’s “Donuts” and Pete Rock’s “Petestrumentals”…

Finally, no, i really can’t choose just one this time…

6.  What’s next on your calendar?

Finishing the promo of my “Abscrete” album, making few podcasts for sites and online radio, placing a few beats here and there, finalizing and continuing to work on some projects that i have on the way. If everything works according to the plans, I should release more music this year, but i prefer not to say much about this right now…

Oh, and if ever i find some time, i may make some new beats… I was too busy releasing projects and couldn’t even make beats lately, that’s really frustrating.

7.  Anything i haven’t asked yet?

You haven’t asked me this question:
” Where can i find your music? I need everything you ever released!”

You can get everything, from wherever in the world, EXCLUSIVELY on my bandcamp: http://7evensun.bandcamp.com/
Most of my projects are free and my instrumental albums cost  $7 only!

Track listing

Boonie Mayfield-“Simon Says Bounce”
Illastrate as Eddie Coleman-“Cadillac N Drank”
Bugseed-“Tear Loose”
7even Sun-“Hippie”
Tall Black Guy-“Get Down”
Oddisee-“Long Beach”
Dâm-Funk-“Love Is Here 2nite”
B.Lewis-“When The Wise Men Fall”
Ju-Ar-“Shape Of Things”

mp3: Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape by 7even Sun

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