A Bevy of Mixtapes for Not Operating Heavy Machinery, Utilizing Beats and Funking It Up, Respectively

Plenty of fine mixtapes out today, so let’s discuss those, shall we?  Let’s be honest, even if you say ‘no,’ it’s not really going to matter.  Yes, you most def are encouraged to comment on anything you read or listen to here, but to be perfectly clear, this is a website.  i can’t hear you if you talk to the screen.  Just so you know.

When i was a sophomore in college, i learned that if one took a shot of Nyquil and played Enya simultaneously, one would pass out into a coma-like state quicker than if one were shot with high quality elephant tranquilizers.  (i went to a very liberal college like that.)  Seriously, i dare you to take a swig of the Blue Fairy, push play on your mp3 player on one side of your dorm room and then make it back to your bunk before literally passing out on the floor.  Can’t do it, can you?  Well, to keep the dreaming alive, as it were, Dntel, that other, non-singing half of the Postal Service, just dropped a mix cutting up Ms. Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin.  It’s damn fine listening, but be forewarned–do NOT listen to while engaging in any Footloose-style farm machinery races.  That’s bound to work out poorly.

In the maestro’s own words:

I make music as Dntel, my last few releases have come out on Sub Pop. I’ve loved Enya since I was a teenager and I just finished this mini-album of remixes I did this past fall after a marathon revisiting of her records. I’m really proud of it, but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out a way to give it a legitimate release. I felt like if I tried to get it to her through any of the usual channels it would probably get shut down before it even made it to her ears. Hopefully nobody will mind it floating around, it was made with love and no money will be made off of it. I hope you enjoy it!! – Jimmy Tamborello

mp3:  Caribbean Blue (Dntel from Enya Mixes)

mp3:  A Day Without Rain (Dntel from Enya Mixes)

OK, let me see if i can summarize this next project.  The Hellfyre Club (not to be confused with the X-Men’s enemies) is an imprint of Alpha Pup Records, one of the biggest names in beat music.  The off-shoot boasts such heavy hitters as Nocando and Open Eagle Mike, amongst others.  HC recently decided to take a bunch of killer tracks from beat luminaries and rap over them for our listening pleasure.  The results are stellar, possibly because these are not your everyday rappers.  They don’t simply confiscate and abuse these instrumental hip hop bangers, they add to them and make them their own.  You’ve heard mixtapes with just jacked beats.  This is NOT one of those.

mp3: Sincerely Yours (Duke Westlake Remix) (Bomb Zombies from Prometheus)

mp3: Silent Protest (Open Eagle Mike from Prometheus)

mp3: Nosiree (Sahtyre from Prometheus)

After months of staying quiet, the Low End Theory Podcast is back!!!  For their first entry of 2011, mixes by the Gaslamp Killer and Jon Hopkins (not the singular, bastard son of the Quaker philanthropist).  It’s been a while, but i think you’ll agree it was worth the wait.  As with all things Low End Theory, expect plenty of spaced out bass, deep cuts and crate digging madness.

mp3: Low End Theory Episode #19 (The Gaslamp Killer and Jon Hopkins from the Low End Theory Podcast)

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