A Terrible Week of Album Reviews: Mr. Saint Louis EP

As luck would have it, i’ve received and/or ferreted out a handful of full CDs worthy of review lately, so i think we may just have a Terrible Week of Album Reviews. Until i change my mind tomorrow, at least, at which point you can expect your continued coverage of largely obscure beat tunes, zombie songs and mixes about female masturbation.

i’ve been singing the praises of Oddisee for a minute now, and i’m guessing his latest project might just propel him a bit further into the spotlight, which clearly is a good thing. Teaming up with Olivier Daysoul (how pimp a name is that, by the by?), Oddisee set out to make a soul record and did a damn fine job doing so. The album boasts four tracks, with instrumental and acappella versions thrown in for good measure. Oh, and there’s a remix featuring Von Pea. Rumors of his sweetness have yet to be confirmed as of this moment.

The record kicks off with the space groover, “In the Now.” Daysoul’s falsetto plays slinkily against Oddisee’s funk shuffle here before the oohs and aahs jump start follow-up, “Labor.” “Foolish” keeps the melody flowing, amping up the guitar and drums just enough to keep the vibe frisky without ever jerking the listener out of the established mood. “Just a Song” adds a touch more romance to the mix, playing out like a sould record should. The acappellas and instrumentals just go to show how talented each is individually, but the team-up is so nice, that probably went without saying. i also imagine it’s going to make life that much easier for the inevitable slew of remixes.

i’m guessing that by the time i finish writing and posting this review it already will be far too late, but the first 1,000 downloads of the album are FREE before going to “Pay What You Want, You Cheap Motherfuckers,” and since i’ve already got one myself, 999 of you best move your asses in a quickly manner and get you some.

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