A Tribe Called Red by A Tribe Called Red

As your go-to site for the world’s most obscure and far reaching beats, i believe we’ve hit a new high water mark today.  i’ve known about these kids for a minute, but have been waiting for them to get their full album out there for the masses.  With the release of their self-titled debut, A Tribe Called Red is our first foray into Native Canadian beats.  That’s right, kids, the collective of two-time Canadian DMC Champion DJ Shub, DJ NDN and Bear Witness drop what they call “powwowstep,” a mixture of traditional pow wow vocals and drumming with high tech electronica.  Meshing together native music with Jamaican dub, hip-hop and beats, the end result truly is something you’ve likely never heard before, unless you’ve been a part of the Urban Native youth renaissance scene, in which case, why are you asking me about these cats?

mp3: PowWowzers feat. Northern Cree and Clarence Two Toes (A Tribe Called Red from A Tribe Called Red)

mp3: Intertribal No.1 (A Tribe Called Red from A Tribe Called Red)

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