A World Apart EP by Soular Order

While i’m a huge fan of blunted, laid back grooves, never let it be said that i’m a slave to the subgenre.  Manchester beathead Soular Order just sent over A World Apart, a rather aptly named EP, and it’s one worth sharing, even if it’s not in my typical wheelhouse.  i’m loathe to simply call it IDM, because SO clearly has an ear for a bit of head nodding, too.  The music is heavy on atmospherics, yet somehow still weightless.  Perfect music for those in low gravity locales, arguably even better if you happen to be circling the moon and coming up on a sunrise.  This is space music, but for the non-SciFi crowd.  Tunes for astronauts as opposed to space aliens, you dig?  Of particular note, check out Find Your Way, which would work pretty well for that opening scene from Barbarella, if you dig what i’m putting down.  If not, go rent the movie.  First, though, check out A World Apart.

mp3Find Your Way (Soular Order from A World Apart EP)

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