Add Beats to the List of Things That Come From Texas

Seems that if you look hard enough, damn near every locale has its own beat scene.  Hell, Project: Mooncircle has made a side business just promoting its Finest Ego series spotlighting the considerable beat talent of a given country.  Just a few months ago, DenFriends put out a comp featuring some of the best beat freaks of the Southeast.  Seeing its opportunity to hip the world to its own homegrown sounds, Exponential Records has dropped its own Texas compilation. 

Now, as a beat fanatic, i’m always interested to hear if a given location has its own distinct sound or not.  Just because you have a bunch of like-minded artists, does that mean they’ll have like-sounding beats?  In the case of what Exponential Recordshas unearthed, apparently not, as the sounds range from dance floor to glitch to chill and back around again.  i’m not sure what i thought a Texas beat would sound like, but there’s nothing here that jumps out at me as specifically Texan.  With the exception of one track, there’s no overtly Spanish influence here at all, which you’d think would creep in at least occasionally.  i’m not sure where these kids are finding inspiration, but it sounds to be much deeper than just the local radio station, and i ain’t mad at that.

 Now, i tend to like my beats cooled to a late night hour temperature, and there’s some of that here.  Of course, there’s also some spicy chili zest here and there.  Plus, you’ve got an appearance by Mexicans with Guns, which just seems fitting, no?

i can’t really speak to the steers or queers aspect of the Lone Star state, but it sounds like the beats coming out of Texas are banging.

mp3: Precession (Mexicans with Guns from Texas)

mp3: The Comforter (soundfounder from Texas)

mp3: Collective Unconscious (Mnolo from Texas)

mp3: Games on the Field (If They Pick You) (Kinder from Texas)

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