Adrian Younge’s Venice Dawn EP

i do believe my fawning love for Black Dynamite is pretty well documented ’round these here webbed parts.  Sure, i was a bit miffed when i got those C&Ds for sound clips, but, hey, i can dig it.  Ain’t nothing coming between me and BD.  While the movie itself was da bomb, i think we all can agree it would have been a lot different affair without the musical stylings on Mr. Adrian Younge.

Prior to his breakout work soundtracking BD, Younge was just another beat head trying to find his own style and groove.  1998 saw Younge embark on a new orchestral style, reminscent of the spaghetti western work of Ennio Morricone, dropping Venice Dawn.  Foreshadowing what was to come, Venice Dawn is the soundtrack to a fictitous movie.  More interesting still, everything you hear is Younge, from the drums to the strings to the percussion.  While i’m not at liberty to say anything bad about Rome (let’s be honest, that’s a pretty dope album itself), consider this a perfect companion piece.

Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn (EP) by Wax Poetics

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