Adventure Album by Snubluck

Alright, i’m going to be at a “real work” conference for the remainder of the week, so it’s possible that posts will be a bit more sporadic than usual for the next few.  i had a bunch of stuff lined up that i was just informed the label doesn’t want me to post after all, so i might be scrambling for stuff when i already don’t have a lot of free time.  (C’mon, label guys and assorted other PR flacks–if you’re going to pitch me, read ye olde blog.  i only do reviews that come with accompanying mp3s.  You should know that by now or stop pitching.)

Due to this possibility, i’ve tried to start the week off with something kind of special.  Other than Nigerian speed rap, what’s the best way to be considered for Odd Bloggings?  That’s right, heavily sample children’s classics, copyright laws be damned!  And when it comes to “classics,” my favorite right now clearly is Adventure Time (not that that’s why i named my son Finn or anything).  So imagine my outright aural erection when, whilst doing my regular Band Camp perusing, i stumbled across Adventure Album by Snubluck.  These types of projects tend to be hit or miss.  i imagine most of these kinds of albums are done by teens and tweens, a copy of Fruity Loops and a bag of weed or keyboard cleaner or whatever minors who shouldn’t be ingesting are ingesting these days.  Whether Snubluck adheres to any of those beliefs or not, s/he knows how to chop up cartoons and make some damn nifty beats.  Hell, we’ve even got a well written rap about the cartoon here, and you’re not going to find that level of commitment/nothing better to do just anywhere, i tell you what.

Adventure Album, kids.  C’mon, grab your friends, we’ll go to very blunted lands.

mp3: Atomic Throat Singing Ft. The Larva Ink & Amor, est (Snubluck from Adventure Album)

mp3: Ms. Someone (Snubluck from Adventure Album)

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