AKACOD: An Update

It was to my great surprise that I received an e-mail from Dana Colley of AKACOD over the weekend. For one thing, it’s always thrilling to hear from one’s musical heroes. For another, it proved that more than just Megan and I visit the site, which is nice. The good Mr. Colley explained that his actions in regards to not signing posters at the band’s recent DC gig which we reviewed were not intended to be rude, but that he neglected to point out that he didn’t want to sign posters with Sharpie markers as the prints were on thin paper and he was afraid it would ruin the piece. We at Les Enfants Terribles certainly have had our actions misunderstood (as our lawyers, parents, friends and lovers can attest) and would like nothing more than to clear the air of any misfortunate misinterpretation that may have transpired. So go out and see AKACOD the next time they’re in town, buy their schwag, and consider naming a child or two after a member of the band. I personally plan on inquiring about their availability to play a gig at my wedding, as it’s the least I can do now.

To continue to show our love, here’s another bit of live Morphine magic from back in the day.

I’m Terrible Chris and I approved this message.

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