Album Review: 40 Winks’ It’s the Trip

40 Winks has a sound unlike many of its contemporaries at Project: Mooncircle.  Employing bombastic percussion and creating soundscapes well beyond traditional loops, the band, quite simply, sounds like they’re having more fun than most folks.  This joyous sound is evident on their latest, It’s the Trip.

Clearly, an apt title for this rambunctious, rollicking record.  P:Mhas an uncanny knack for sniffing out talent that tends to continuously blow the parameters off of the ever expanding beat music universe.  Never content to linger in the same groove for too long, the album goes from dance floor grooves to chillout session and back again, with stops at all manners of head nodding and ass shaking in between.  At its core, the music is playful, evidenced by their drum samples, opting for rolls, paradiddles and various other drummer geek terms over more standard (and simplistic) snare and bass fare.  There’s a jazz musicianship at work here.  Quite frankly, this is headphone music for someone in a good mood.  And if you’re not in  fine spirits when you hit play on this one, you soon will be once the CD gets underway.

It’s the Trip, after all.

mp3: It’s the Trip Mini-Mix (40 Winks from It’s the Trip)

mp3: Malicious Choir (40 Winks from It’s the Trip)

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