Album Review: A Shoreline Dream – Avoiding the Consequences

When’s the last time you really spent some time staring at your zapatos? Has it been a while specifically because you couldn’t find a soundtrack with which to undertake this journey of potential self-discovery?

Well, shoegazers rejoice, as A Shoreline Dream has arrived (assumedly at a somewhat lackadaisical pace) with their latest, Avoiding the Consequences. Creating sonically textured soundscapes, the band concocts moody music that occasionally jumps the boundaries of the genre. At times, the tone is more desperate and yearning than one might expect from such a group. There’s some pathos tinged grooving here that lends the air a more nuanced feel, and that’s alright, mama.

Largely devoid of vocals, there is sporadic singing here and there, such as is evidenced in “Projections”, that lend a bit more depth here and there.

So give that footwear some love by taking a good, long look at your relationship with said shoes and, while you’re doing that, pop A Shoreline Dream into your mp3 player to find further inspiration. i probably could take this further, and make some really bad “sole” puns, but I’m not going to do that. I respect you too much as a reader to do so.

mp3: Peel You Open

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