Album Review: Finest Ego | New Zealand/Australia Beatmaker Compilation

My love for Project: Mooncircleis so obvious, i’m beginning to become a bit embarrassed by it myself.  Seriously, though, how the hell can you blame me when they put out beast after beast?  While their individual artist/band CDs rank among the best in beat music year in, year out, the label shines brightest when it brings together a number of different artists to present a snapshot of a given scene or theme.  While last year’s The Moon Comes Closer was one of my favorite albums of 2010, it’s their Finest Ego series that continues to outshine the competition each and every time.  Finest Ego brings together the best beat producers in a given area.  Past entries have included Japan and Russia.

This time around, the focus is on New Zealand and Australia.  Our opposite neighbors clearly like synth drenched, late night funk.  This is not dance floor music (thank god), but something for you after hours chill sessions.  This one is bound to keep the head nodders happy.  Stand out tracks include “Gutter Fonk” by Ben Jamin with Matt Miller, “Down Town Funk” by D:UNK and the P-Funk indebted “Fly or Die” by Lewis McCallum.  What their beat producers lack in colorful sobriquets, they more than make up for in sleazy, back room bass.

mp3: Finest Ego | New Zealand/Australia Beatmaker Compilation Mini-Mix (Project: Mooncircle from Finest Ego | New Zealand Beatmaker Compilation)

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