Album Review: Grandaddy – Just Like the Fambly Cat (demos!)

A friend of mine got me into Grandaddy a few years back and I was fortunate enough to see them a couple of times, as well as front man Jason Lytle’s solo, “acoustic” farewell tour before the end of all things related to your daddy’s daddy. Along with all the other indie kids, I was pretty bummed to think I wasn’t going to hear anything more from the boys.

Much to my surprise, though, what should appear in my gmail inbox than a quick note from Mr. Lytle offering up the demos to Just Like the Fambly Cat. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re offering it as a free download, though donations, of course, are welcomed. As you can imagine, well, it sounds pretty much like Just Like the Fambly Cat, only stripped down. The intro is a bit peppier, as the little girl sounds like she’s enjoying her time in front of the mic as opposed to sounding like she’s going to lose it due to that damn, missing cat. From there, it’s a Grandaddy fan boy/girl dream, with earlier takes on the album. The one new addition is a cover of Malvina Reynolds’ “Little Boxes”. Ever since Weeds came out on Showtime, this apparently has become everyone’s favorite cover tune. Lytle’s take on it is upbeat, not really adding much other than a quicker pacing.

As with most things Grandaddy, we’ve got an email hawking the demos allegedly from “a monkey wearing a sombrero riding a border collie bringing Jason a taco” (sic), your secret messages in the comment sections of the mp3s, the band name comes up as “Jack” for some reason, and we’re asked to donate to the EMMETT O’LOUGHLIN Fund. Frankly, it’s some of that kookiness that makes the band so endearing, as anyone who has seen a live show will attest.

Arguably more importantly, though, is the news that Lytle is hard at work on a new CD. No release date is given, but one hopes it will be sooner than later. And then how long until the next round of touring? Keep the faith, grandkids. Keep the faith.

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