Album Review: Hoax Funeral – Pour Away the Ocean

Today is the day to enjoy the sounds that emanate from Hoax Funeral on their new album Pour Away the Ocean.

Hoax Funeral formed when an American-born interloper to the English countryside, Anjy Hall, happened to cross paths with an English bloke, Chris Gregory. As I understand it, the two quickly discovered a shared love of sounds both exotic and familiar, and thus formed an endearing four-piece band that sounds otherworldly, yet tinged with down home goodness. Hoax Funeral is comprised of Al Jordan (various stringy instruments) and Cherish Burk (things banged upon), with Hall (vox/strings/penner of lyrical magic) and Gregory (too many instruments to name/further song craftsmanship) rounding things out nicely. Sporting an amalgam of sounds that rely heavily on alt-country and folk traditions, the band quickly conjures images of forlorn country nights beneath a cold, pale moon. Throughout it all, though, a sense of beauty pervades in just the right way.

With successful stints at numerous musical gatherings throughout England, including the Riverside Festival in Stamford, Hoax Funeral is leaving a devoted fan base in their wake. Following acclaimed radio play on BBC1 and in the US and Italy, reviews have been favorable for the band’s full-length debut produced by Owen Turner (Broken Family Band, Magoo, Rory McVicar), on the band’s own Sacred Crow label.

“Amsterdam” is perhaps my favorite track on the debut. “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” may or may not be one of their finest, but, damn, I do love me some Leadbelly covers. For more on the band or to pick up their CD, visit their website.

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