Album Review: Kevin Hart, Seriously Funny

Truth in advertising apparently is not dead, as evidenced by the title of Kevin Hart’s latest comedy CD, Seriously Funny. Taped at a Cleveland performance with such stars in the audience as Shaquille O’Neil and Lebron James, Hart spends an hour riffing on what he knows best–his kids, family and friends, and the trials and tribulations associated with each. Hart mines comedy gold telling tales of the only time his mother gave him permission to cuss, his crazy, parolee uncle, and what happened when his good friend was confronted with a picture of a “hotdog without the bun” on his daughter’s phone. Hart stays away from the overtly political stuff, which gives his material a somehow more honest feel. His insights into family life, however, have a universal touch that should appeal to most audiences.

This marks Comedy Central’s second forray into CDs, by my count at least, and as far as i’m concerned, they’re easily two for two in the victory column. Whereas their first release with Reggie Watts was a bit more on the surreal side, Hart’s offering is a straight-up stand-up affair.

i’ll admit, i had at one time written off Hart as the poor man’s D.L. Hughley, but Seriously Funny is a game changer, proving Hart deserves his space on-stage with the best of them. The only “shortcomings” here are a couple of times when Hart clearly is doing some visual jokes that don’t translate into a purely audio setting. Of course, this happens on damn near every comedy album ever put to wax, so it seems unfair to judge too harshly on this measure alone.

Bottom line, dude is funny. Seriously funny, as a matter of fact. But don’t just take my or his word for it. See for yourself.
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