Album Review: last day of summer by White Denim

i’m about a week late on this one, but i was working, so what can you do?

While in the studio working hard on their third LP, White Denim decided to put together a full, FREE* album for your listening pleasure. i’ve waxed rhapsodic about these boys in the past, and imagine i will do so again in the future. Often.

Entitled last day of summer, this time around, the vibe is a bit mellower than most of what Fits had to offer. Think a lot less “I Start to Run” and a lot more “Regina Holding Hands” on this one. Befitting the title, it’s got those last sunny rays of summertime, an excellent send off before we get into the hard work of the coming winter months. The group continues to improve musically, showing off their instrumental chops on tracks like “incaviglia” and “light light light,” but it’s the slow risers like “champ” and the top tappers like “shy billy” that really get the juices flowing.

If their “hold-you-over-while-you-wait-for-the-next-full-length” is this good, thunderation, that LP is going to be incredible.

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