Album Review: Love Tattoo by Imelda May

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Don’t tell my wife or her husband, but I think I might have found my new crush in Imelda May. The Dublin-born songstress has a thing for the blues and rockabilly and showcases her powerful mastery of both those and other styles on her debut, Love Tattoo.
With the eventual letdown of such acts as Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone (I’m still REALLY holding out for Joss, though), I know what you’re thinking. Wait, another white chick who cites Billie Holiday as an influence and dresses like a 50s greaser? C’mon, been there, done that, got the tee shirt. I’m telling you, though, Ms. May has the goods.

With a voice at times gin soaked and cracking and at others hauntingly pure, May covers a whole range of American musical styles on Love Tattoo. We’ve got nasty boogie woogie (Johnny Got A Boom Boom), jump jivin’ swing (Feel Me), sultry torch (Knock 1, 2, 3) and lush ballads (Fallin’ In Love with You Again). Equally important, she’s surrounded herself with a damn tight band, comprised of axe man (and aforementioned hubby) Darrell Higham, Dave Priseman on the trumpet (and flügelhorn and percussion), keys man Danny McCormack, bassist Al Glare, and Dean Beresford on the skins. Oh, and Ms. May rocks the bodhran like no one you’ve ever heard. Granted, you may never have even heard of the bodhran before, but there’s no need to quibble, you culturally insensitive bastard.

This is the CD you’re going to want to put on come the weekend, between cigs and working on your second or third drink. Just make sure you have on your dancing shoes and that your pompadour is slicked back when you do because it’s bound to get your booty shaking.

mp3: Johnny Got a Boom Boom (Imelda May)
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2 thoughts on “Album Review: Love Tattoo by Imelda May

  1. I only got to listen to her very recently. My 29 yr old daughter plays her. I think that she has the greatest female rock voice I've ever heard. Better than Lulu or Tina Turner, or Janis Joplin.

  2. That is high praise, indeed. Not sure if i'd go quite that far, but she certainly has some incredible pipes.

    Best of the best in rock, though? Think i'm going to have to stick w/ Aretha.

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