Album Review–The Voidist by Imaad Wasif

Have you heard of Imaad Wasif yet? If you haven’t, listen up, because odds are you’ll be hearing his name plenty pretty quickly. It’s possible you’ve heard either of his two previous albums, Imaad Wasif or Strange Hexes, or more likely still you know him as the touring guitarist for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Well, Imaad has teamed up with Karen O. of the YYYs, Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and “Little” Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs and Dead Weather to score the upcoming “Where the Wild Things Are” directed by Spike Jonze, pretty much the wet dream movie of the year for Gen X and Y indie kids everywhere. Apparently not one to rest on his duff, he’s also got a new CD coming out in a couple of months in October called “The Voidist.”

The CD covers the gambit from anthemic rock number a la U2 or Radiohead to slow ballads and then veering off into quirky tunes like Sufjan Stevens. Throughout it all, though, Wasif’s guitar is there to help fill out the margins, from soaring, fuzzed out licks to lightly strummed, heartfelt acoustic plucking. “Daughter of Fire” is a particularly strong track, bringing a fully fleshed out sound that wavers between hard rocking and some kind of freakish indie rockabilly and a passionate intensity befitting its title. Closer “Razorlike” is another winner, starting off slow and ominous before roaring into a tidal wave of noise and back again.

Remember, that’s Imaad Wasif. It’s a name you’re bound to hear a lot more of in the days to come.
(OK, the song in this clip is from the Arcade Fire, not the aforementioned WTWTA super group, but damnation, I love this trailer)

mp3: Daughter of Fire (from upcoming The Voidist)

mp3: Oceanic (from Strange Hexes)
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