An Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mix by Somepling

While it’s been a minute since our last one, allow me to please re-introduce the Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mix, a belatedly on-going series of mixes by some of the best beatheads in the game.  This time around, it’s one of my faves, Somepling.  As luck would have it, we’ve actually got another one of these lined-up for relatively soon, so keep your ear holes peeled.  Or something like that.

1.Name, rank and serial number.

Somepling (real name: Olivier Rousseaux); one of those numerous beatmakers; #23.

2.What are you listening to these days? Who are the newer players in the game that you’d recommend?

There are far too many new players out there to count.
Soundcloud is one of those particular places online where i feed my ears on a daily basis.
Discovered lots of great artists from all around the world.
I’d say that artists i included on my previous mixes are important names.

3.Who are the beat “masters” that everyone interested in the genre should know?

There’s no rule. It would be much easier if we all had the same influences.
But would also be less funny.

Of course, i got my fav producers list, probably the same name as many other people:
DJ Shadow, Express Rising, DJ Premier, MF Doom, Pete Rock, Large Pro…etc etc.
Those few names were my backpack at start.
Producers who push(ed) themselves ahead, push(ed) sampling out of the limits.

4.Seems like you’re popping up on a bunch of comps these days, i.e., WAVEFORM and that Juicy joint, Sunrise Blend.  Do you have anything “substantial”, like an EP or LP, in the works?

Those two compilations were some dope projects.
On Sunrise Blend, i had the opportunity to work on a 80s mood beat.
Whereas on WAVEFORM, i was totaly free to go everywhere i wanted to go sampling wise.
Two different ways of working, loved both.

For past releases, check my discography:

In late August this year, my first LP dropped on Cold Busted.
The LP is called “Cry Above”.
This is my first major release.
You can cop “Cry Above” on Itunes, Beatport + Amazon (both Physical CD and MP3 format).

Right now, i’m working on different things (collabs, compilations…).
To keep an eye on me, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud:

5.What inspires you? Could be an artist, could be something less tangible. You tell me.

Music, no limit in genres. Music and life.
All kind of music. I don’t care if it ain’t clean and perfect.
What counts is emotion.

6.Your last producer, oddlogic, described his music as “sub-hop.”  While his imprints are on Green Hawthorn, I think of your music as a bit more laid back, with some obvious soul reference points to my ear holes.  How would you describe your music?

Hiphop. That’s Hiphop to me. Even if it sounds like soul sometimes, funk or anything else.
That’s what Hiphop was, is, and will be. Something including many other things.
Hiphop is fed with sampling with records, sounds, bits.
I don’t know a better term to describe what i do.

7.I know it’s a bit early, but with November just around the corner, it’s almost time for all those damn “Year-End, Best Of” lists.  What’s the best CD you’ve heard this year?

Best release = DJ Shadow’s latest LP “The Less You Know, The Better”.
I won’t try to explain why. I love Shadow’s work, always bringing that tight sampling work.
He’s still one of the best today in my opinion.

8.Anything I haven’t asked and/or that you’d like to discuss?

To finish, just want to thank a few people (in no-particular order):

Odd Bloggings (Chris Daly), Cold Busted, Cascade Records, Outlier Recordings, Soundcloud Fam, Sport G/Ackryte/AL_PD/Broke/Repeat Pattern (Dream Team)
Mitamine Lab, Haz Solo, Prof.Logik, Sleaze, Ohbliv, Profound79 & DJ Mordecai (+WDCE), Just Plain Ant, mIndTOUcH, Handbook, Blunt Guts Nation
FreeForm Records, Juicy, Collective Resonance, Rbe, Keor Meteor, TWO, Joost @…

all people who already sent me a PM, downloaded, bought or stole one of my releases. You know who you are.
Thanks for your interest & support.

Peace out


Mix Tracklisting:

a-robb – ifuluv
Roof Light – Never Going Back
aaronmaxwell – eaglerockpark
Mndsgn. – Dam’sKeys (ThenWHT)
Bluezr – death (alt)
Profesor Panson – LIFTED
Rise – Messages Part 1
GORDYMICHAEL – Two (extract)

mp3: Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mix by Somepling

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