An Open Letter to the Industry

Dear All,

Perhaps you’ve noticed the sidebar we have about emailing us when you have a problem with a song being posted on this here site. We put that notice up to avoid getting into unpleasant situations. Up to now, evidently there had been no problems.

But someone affiliated with a band that shall remain nameless (though they have fallen mightily in our estimation and will probably never be mentioned here again) decided to go above our heads and complain elsewhere, instead of coming to us and asking/ordering a certain song to be removed.

Fine. Big record labels hate little music blogs, because god forbid a few people might get one song here and there.

However, from this side, it seems ridiculous. Certainly we can’t speak for all music blogs, but we started this one because we both love music more than just about anything, and both love to learn about and share music that makes us happy. We’d probably put money on that being the impetus for most music blogs. All we ask, dear band/label folk, is that if you don’t want us to have a song posted here, please ASK US TO TAKE IT DOWN. And we will. It’s seriously that simple. There is no need for anything else to be done.

In a bid to combat any further issues, we’re taking down most of the old mp3s on this site. And in future, any song we post will be available for one week only, so get ’em before they’re gone.

And with that, we bid you good day for now.

Love and kisses,

Les Enfants Terribles

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One thought on “An Open Letter to the Industry

  1. Well that is just ridiculous. However, if your readership is broad enough to attract that kind of attention, perhaps Calvin Harris is also reading and will soon be on a flight over?

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