And the Reef Goes On…Half Baked Mixes, a Couple of Strains and a Lip Synching Dinosaur Puppet

i guess it’s weed music week, er, two or something, here at LET. And as luck would have it, i can tie it all into beat music, which i do so enjoy.

First up, two mixes that both prominently feature sound bites from the stoner classic, Half Baked. While Dave Chapelle would go on to bigger and better things before jumping off the grid, this flick remains one of the highlights of his career as far as i’m concerned. The fact that LET favorite Alex B and newer comer Shlohmo apparently agree is only icing on the cake.

Remember those bad assed Oscillations mixtapes from Jus Like Music and Apple Juice Break i was yapping about last week? Well, they’ve already got an update. If you downloaded them for yourselves, you’ll recall BUG’sIndica.” Well, in the ever raging battle of which strain of weed is funkier, he’s back with “Sativa.” Wait until the bass line and synths burble all funky like right after the intro on the latter, and i think we’ll agree on the winner of that.

Now, according to Dan Auerbach at their last show at the 9:30 Club, he and Patrick Carney are infrequent pot smokers, at best, but i don’t hold that against them. Apropos of absolutely nothing beyond the fact that it amuses me immensely (and is probably some very stoner-worthy viewing), here’s their latest video. Whether you’re into dinosaur puppets, tongue-in-cheek subtitles or hot, tatted up chicks, there’s a little something here for everyone.

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