anonymous by 4 Wolves

Sometimes, for no particular reason, i imagine that some of the beat tapes i receive are soundtracks to movies that have yet to be written.  Well, maybe it’s the THC content in my bloodstream, but let’s not equivocate here.  There’s something in the music that screams, “this song would be perfect for that sex scene where the protagonist has a three way with the three boobed secretary and the Hungarian sheep herder!”  4 Wolves’ music seems to have that effect on me.  The Detroit beathead hits a dystopian stride on his latest, anonymous.  Whether it’s a nod to the infamous hacker group or something else, i’m envisioning (enhearing?) a group of cyberpunks on the mean streets of the future worrying about the further encroachment of Da Man into their funky stew of beats that are being produced in the back room of a downtown chicken processing plant.  Invariably, the  future is always overcast, the people have started wearing anime influenced kimono suits and noodle peddlers are making a killing.   This is the music for that kind of movie, in my humble opinion, but, again, i burn a LOT of shrubbery.  Filled to the brim with percussion that is somehow simultaneously taught and chunky and enlivened by some dusty crate choices (i do so love the sound of static), anonymous somehow shows both a more human and a more robotic side to the beat jockey, making this, i suppose, one of the most cybernetic releases you’re going to hear this year.

mp3: Where I Be At (4 Wolves from anonymous)

mp3: ReDux (4 Wolves from anonymous)


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