Another Free Music Friterday

My somewhat insincere apologies for another late one of these, friends. i had tickets to see Cinematic Titanic last night, and i just couldn’t get this one done prior to that hilarious event. Then i got home, an epic battle with a pizza was waged, and things that were supposed to happen did not. What can you do? It’s an imperfect world, i tell you what. Anyways…

i find Kid Cudi to be particularly hit-or-miss for my tastes, with his best stuff often being the odd single here and there. However, the latest leak from his upcoming Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager samples St. Vincent’s “The Stranger,” so that pretty much guaranteed inclusion here.

i’ll be honest, aTelecine probably wouldn’t have hit my radar (or anyone else’s) if not for the inclusion of one Ms. Sasha Grey, but she’s in the, what, avant-garde noise troupe?, so here we are talking about the band. i like to imagine that most music has its corresponding drug of choice to take while listening–cheap liquor for the blues, E for raves, weed for everything–you get the point. For this, i’m thinking acid/E candy flipping, but maybe that’s just me. It’s like what Shlohmo might make if he were touched repeatedly in bad places by his mom’s boyfriend to my ears. Incidentally, i would like full and total props for demonstrating restraint and not using the phrase “Double Vaginal/Double Anal Penetration” once in this entire review. Oh wait. Damn it.

Can’t say as i know much about Themselves, but if Baths saw fit to do a remix, i’m going to post it.

Liz Janes, of Sufjan Stevens fame, is back with her first full-length in five years. For Say Goodbye, she’s taking a stab at a soul sound. From the first single, it sounds like she’s going to do a fine job. Pick it up 12/7/10.

Now i feel bad about that Shlohmo comment earlier. To rid ourselves of that image, here’s his latest remix. Sorry, guy.

And as we ride off into the sunset, this jangly, dare i say twee (dare, dare!), number by Pepper Rabbit. Me likey.

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