Another Late Free Music Friday: The Swedey, Flowery, Fraternally, Poorly Lit, Grandfatherly, Mostly Honkified, Somewhat Soulful Edition

Ah yes, the joys of blogging. i had almost forgotten how nice you feel on my bare feet, all squishy like between the toes.

Just because i’ve been busier than a one-winged pigeon at an all-you-can-eat popcorn buffet doesn’t mean my metaphorical skills have improved one bit. Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped anyone from sending me all sorts of freebie music to share with the unwashed masses.

If you’ve read here for any amount of time, you know i’m just silly for damn near anything from our Scandinavian brothers and sisters. The People’s Record, the latest from Club 8 due on May 18, 2010, is no exception. Lead single “Western Hospitality,” in addition to clearly speaking to my day job in the hotel industry, is full of the “woah-oh-oh-ohs” that makes any song a rump shaker. Throw in those soaring keys, funky drums and come hither vocals, and the neighbors might damn well feel like calling the law because there’s little doubt you’re going to want to blast this one at maximum volume at your next get together, key party, swingers affair, neighborhood block gathering, etc. On a tangentially related note, is it just me or is lead singer Karolina Komstedt a ringer for a young Jenna Elfman?

As long as we’re talking about joyously spastic music perfect for white person booty wiggling (not that brown, black, yellow, polka dotted and any other colored asses aren’t welcome, too), Fang Island has a new eponymous one out, and lead single “Daisy” sounds a bit like Vampire Weekend, but with a bit more testicular fortitude. i just realized whilst penning the prior sentence that Vampires have fangs, but i’m not sure if there’s any kind of weekend island plans the undead have of which any vacationers should be aware. i’ll leave that to each of you to determine for yourselves individually, but LET accepts no responsibility for any Nosferatusian hickeys.

mp3: Daisy (Fang Island from Fang Island)

Changing the tenor of things completely, but not ratcheting down the good times one iota, Born Ruffians are here with their latest single, “Sole Brother,” from Say It (due out June 1, 2010). This is a slower number than the aforementioned, but it’s got a similar kooky groove those indie kids are just so darned mad for these days.

mp3: Sole Brother (Born Ruffians from Say It)

To bring down the honkey factor of today, here are a couple of new gems from my fave hip-hop label, Stones Throw. Using his recent Ethiopium as fodder, Oh No has remixed the Whitefield Brother’s The Gift.” What’s more, it appears Now-Again has signed artist Dimlite, hinting that future releases are in the works.

mp3: The Gift (Whitefield Brothers ft. Edan Y Mr. Lif from Earthology)

mp3: Diana Won’t (from Dimlite)

To end on a paler note, every one’s favorite pa’s pa, Jason Lytle, dropped a new video and hints that he’s forming a new band with members of Earlimart and Grandaddy, apparently called Admiral Radley. Hopefully, much more on this to follow.
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