Another Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mix – Option Command

That’s right, kids, yet another exclusive mix from the best beat blog in the business.  This time up, it’s from King Deluxe’s own Option Command.

If you’re a beathead and would like to see your mixtape posted here at Odd Bloggings, well, no shit, who wouldn’t?  Getting love at OB is only about the coolest thing this side of furry dry humping, or so i hear.  Drop me a line, and we’ll talk.  About mixtapes.  Or furries.  i’m always up for a conversation.

1. Name, rank, serial number?

Option Command aka Marty Palmer. Rank: Major Hack, serial number: B3AT5

2.  I’ve been checking out your Sound Cloud and definitely am digging what i’m hearing.  Your sound to me is big, atmospheric and ghostly.  Of course, i just run this magnificent blog.  How would you describe your music?

Lo-fi digital glitched out beats with 8 bit melodies and pads to keep things flowing. I like to keep my music short and not too complicated. It has been described by some peeps as pixelated or fuzzy.

3.  What’s the best beat album you’ve heard this year?

Sam Bakers’s Album (Samiyam) which dropped not that long ago. Man, this album has so much funk, it’s what 2011 needed!

4.  What’s your favorite beat album of all times, i.e., the one every beathead should have in his/her collection?

That’s one hell of a tough question to answer and really hard for me to give a definitive single album. There’s more than one but these all sit at the top:
Entroducing by DJ Shadow, Los Angeles by Flying Lotus and Music has the right to children by Boards of Canada.

5.  Anyone you particularly wish you could work with right now?

There’s two dudes I’d like to work with right now. They are Soosh and Pixelord. Soosh has amazing smokey, spaced out production that draws the listener in and keeps
them locked in. His beats click and clang away to well placed vocal samples. Soosh did message me about a collaboration, so it should be on the cards, I hope. Pixelord is the other guy. Man, his production is tight and precise. You can tell he has way too much fun making beats and programming synths. Every track he makes is killer.

6.  So how did an otherwise respectable Aussie such as yourself get hooked up with a bunch of crazy Canucks at King Deluxe?

They sent me a message through soundcloud asking about my music and offered for me to put out an EP. So I said yes!  Pk , who runs the label was so switched on and keen to get my EP out, it was like a whirl wind couple of weeks as it was getting sorted for release. King Deluxe has a great bunch of guys with the likes of Fancy Mike, Alphabets Heaven, Aleph, Vaetxh and the newest member, Muta. I have a good feeling that PK is going to take King Deluxe far and wide.

7.  What’s on the horizon for you?  Any upcoming shows, tours or albums you want to pimp?

Haha, I see what you did there! Well, I’m going to start working on a new EP and definitely will take my time on it so I don’t know when exactly it’ll be finished. While this is happening you should get your download on and grab my current EP “Horizon Glow”. I’ve just finished a track for a Grappa Fisbee records podcast mixed by Lee Spacey from Outlier recordings, this should be out in about 2 weeks or less I hope. I’ve got a gig coming up on the 26th of November on Cockatoo island which is in the middle of Sydney Harbour, I’m really looking forward to this one.

I’m always posting new tracks on my soundcloud page which is

8. If you wanted to buy a Sam Cooke abum (sic), where would you go?  (The first person to answer this correctly officially is my hero)

Well, I normally go to record fairs to find old records and I’ve actually picked up a Sam Cooke record this way.

9.  What haven’t I asked you?  Anything else you want to discuss?

Yeah, give shout outs to all my Australian brothers. We’ve go this thriving community of beat makers down here and the quality is world class. People really should
check out Slamagotchi, Elliot, 48/4, Roleo, Collarbones, Thomas William, Seekae, Electric Sea Spider, Monk Fly, Kilter, Dizz1, Claws and Fangs, Nakagin,
Panorama and all the guys in the Oneofour Collective.

Track Listing for mixtape.

1: Run- 48/4

2: Blue Garden – Alphabets Heaven

3: Breathe . Something/Stellar STar – Flying Lotus

4: Two Dimensional –  Dorian Concept

5: peace-tony-devil – Boards of Canada

6: Play With Power – Elliot

7: Coke Bugs – Electric Sea Spider

8: To Love –  Ahu

9: Hot May Slides – Chris Clark

10: Blockbusters – Boards of Canada

11: Polybell Strategy – Option Command

12: Twin Peaks feat. Constrobuz – Fancy Mike

13: Under a Layer of Ice – Aleph

14: Original nlogax – Boards of Canada

mp3: Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape by Option Command

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