Anything for Now by Corduroi

To ease into the weekend all nice and comfy like, let’s slip into a bit of Corduroi, shall we?  Sure, it’s an easy set-up, but i can’t say as i’ve ever heard a more appropriate artist name.  Using Anything for Now as our baseline, the man is about warm, relaxing beats that feel perfect for chilled reflection.  This six-track EP on Mush Records is a smorgasbord of chopped and scattered samples, and Corduroi demonstrates an immediate ear for these things.  What’s more, these could be some of the best disembodied vocal snippets i’ve ever heard.  Don’t ask me why, they just work perfectly within their context.  It also doesn’t hurt that the beat maestro doesn’t go for the same old, same old when digging through his crates.  i couldn’t name any of the source material here, but Zod damn if it didn’t put me into a thoroughly laid back groove.  This is IDM for the particularly I crowd.  Whilst i have this one track for you thieving little hands, stream the entire joint below, too.  And then go drop some ducats, you hoarding bastards.

mp3: Bangarangarang (Corduroi from Anything for Now)

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