April 1st Fun

I’m sure there are dozens of examples out there, so feel free to post links to others in the comments section, but here are some of our favorite musician-specific April Fools for 09:

Mike Doughty, who has something fun ever year, sent out this email:

“Greetings from Portugal, where Scrap and I are currently touring! I’d like to fill you in on a new online venture I’ve launched.

Inspired by my study of ancient South and Central American cultures, I’ve started up a new website, MayanSpace.net — a social network where people take up the avatar of a Mayan person, god, or city.


Check it out, especially if you’re a Mesoamerican culture + mythology buff (as I’m sure most of you are). Members can contact me personally on MayanSpace.net at my screen name, Huehuetenango2727

(Please note that MayanSpace is a limited-time-only project; the site will only be active through the fall of 2012. So sign up now so you don’t miss

Não acredite que tudo que você leu,
Mike Doughty”

And then LET favorite Nine Inch Nails (more from them later this week) decided to offer up this free goodie. Nothing foolish about that.

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