Artist Profile: Lil’ Wayne

Apropos of nothing beyond me having watched VH1’s Behind the Music on Lil’ Weezy last night, here’s a sampler of Lil’ Wayne tracks for your Saturday enjoyment. For a cat that doesn’t write down any of his rhymes, he’s surprisingly spry on the mic. i think my favorite part of the show, however, was his explaining about the two bullet fragments still in his chest following an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 12. i’m paraphrasing here, but he used words to the effect of “I’ve still got two pieces of metal in my chest, too close to my heart for the doctor’s to remove. It’s cool, though, they ain’t moving around or nothing. I mean, unless I get caught in an electro-magnetic field or something.”

Indeed, sir. Indeed.

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