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Usually when i check out a new comedy CD, i’m at least tangentially familiar with the comedian.  Such was not the case when i came across the latest by Louis Katz, but the Missus likes listening to comedy CDs in the car, so i decided to give Katz’ latest, If These Balls Could Talk.  While i’m not so sure the Missus enjoyed it quite as much as i did, i’m throwing LK on my go-to-for-laughs list immediately.

With an almost Mitch Hedberg-like stoner drawl, Katz goes on a rampage of zings and groans over the course of his set.  Focusing predominantly on sex and large women, Katz had me laughing out loud repeatedly.  Like any great, however, he does throw in some intelligent lines here and there, though it didn’t sound like the crowd was quick enough to keep up with him at all times.  Of course, his pointing that out was pretty damn funny, too.  Make no mistake, the material here is blue, but, god damn, it’s funny.  His reminiscing about youth and high school ranks among the funniest bits i’ve heard in years, and his insights into the poorly sighted, well, they’re fucking hilarious.

It’s not all about sex, though, as Katz also lambasts hippies, dumpster cats and vegans.  Plus, he explains the real meaning behind premature ejaculations.  Now that’s advice to use, people.

Since i never seem to have luck with my embedded links, you can go here to listen to the Hippie Roommate clip directly.

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