Beat Bangers In Ye Olde Inbox

i do so love it when banging beats find their way to ye olde inbox.  Makes life so much easier for my lazy ass.  Sure, the submission pile is a large one to wade through, but when gems like these shine through, well, it does something, i suppose.  i’m not talking candle wax on the nipples or anything, but once you start your own blog, you, too, can butcher 80s movie quotes and tell your own inside jokes. 

i’ve posted some Luminary Youth in the past, but how to put this delicately–his new shit is light years beyond where this beat maestro was a scant few months ago.  On Weekend Dreams, his source material seems to have improved exponentially, as has his way behind the knobs.  Yes, i love that he still wears his Dillaon his sleeve (isn’t that the same source track on “Timeshift Pt. 2” that Jay Dee used on “One For Ghost?”), but i’m equally impressed with the further branching into seemingly obscure Eastern tracks (who doesn’t love sitars?  i’m looking at you, Weekend Dreaming (An Intro)”) and spacey vocal chops (“Diamond Skies (Warpaint),” that’s you).  And damnation, if the price ain’t right at free.  If old boy continues to grow at this rate, the future looks blinding for LY.

mp3: Darjeeling Temptress (Luminary Youth from Weekend Dreams)

mp3: Timeshift Pt. 2 (Luminary Youth from Weekend Dreams)

Our new besties at Outlier Recordings just dropped the soulful beat debut, Green Hawthorn EP, by their newest artist, Somepling.  Dusty grooves provide a nice backdrop for this updated take on crate diggery, particularly on “Wintersweet” and “Evodia Wall.”  Things take a bit of a turn on the funkier, chopped up “Yellow Buckeye,” and yet the CD maintains a cohesive feel from start to finish.  And, of course, anything that includes a sub-hop remix by oddlogic, well, c’mon now, you know i’m giving it much love here.  As we tend to focus on ’round these parts, this is another one for a lazy late night or an early weekend jam.

mp3: Green Hawthorne (oddlogic remix) (Somepling from Green Hawthorn EP)

mp3: Evodia Wall (Somepling from Green Hawthorn EP)

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