Beat Cruise Compilation Vol. 1

by oddbodkins on March 30, 2012

Who’s ready for a cornucopia of spaced out funk, blissed bedroom beats and some other groovy, late night shit to get your weekend started right?  That would be all of us, yes?  Good thing the Greater Boston, Mass. collective, Beat Cruise, put together just such a compilation for us.  We are a lucky bunch, aren’t we?  Not to be confused with an S&M charter boat, Beat Cruise is Bug EyesmilochondriaSLYY, Epochalyptic, BeFP, and BFPSP.  Their first comp also comes complete with remixes of Loon and Neev, as well as production credits by Broke/ and Fat Camp. Clearly, a rather full boat, to say the least.  Now, if you’ll forgive me, i have a sudden urge to see if Club Vandersexxx offers a canal cruise or not.

mp3: Super Human (Bug Eyes from Beat Cruise Vol. 1)

mp3: BLUNT HIGH (BFSP from Beat Cruise Vol. 1)

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