Beat Meat: Beat Your Woman ’til You Get Satisfied

A little of this, a little of that for this week’s beat meat.

Apropos of nothing, i happened to stumble across too kick-ass beat tapes that essentially take the catalogues of two heavy weight performers, drop the vocals and ratchet up the funkification. One highlight’s Cyndi Lauper, the other Bjork, two of my 80s/90s/00s/10s faves. The DJs involved on both projects have created nice soundscapes that pay homage without being too heavily indebted to the originals. Neither of these are particularly new, but i just found them myself, and since you don’t listen to anything i don’t tell you to, well, it’s new to us, right? Right.

Probably realizing that more material means more traffic, the folks at Svetlana Industries continue an impressive outpouring of recent freebies with their latest shortcast. For this round, Brainfeeder impresario Lukid steps back to the turntables for this impressive mix including everyone from Ariel Pink to Sun Araw.

Rustie drops his Warp debut with his Sunburst EP, a six-tracker high on dance floor energy. To help free your mind in hopes of your ass following, he’s put this single out their for your auditory pleasure.

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