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i really need to come up a name for this recurring column. “Beat Meet” seems to be both truthful, as we’re here to discuss the latest i’ve dug up from the beat music scene, plus the double entendre in the name is just childish enough to work for me. i’ll gladly accept other suggestions should any of you care to post in the comments, but we may just have a winner here.

Anyway, as luck would have it, we have a particularly good haul this week.

From one of my all-time favorite labels out there today, the folks over at Project:Mooncircle have remained busy. Hell, Robot Koch apparently is working on the Madlib model and will drop his Songs for Trees and Cyborgs this October. The LP comes essentially on the heels of his phenomenal Listen to Them Fade EP, which came out just a few months back. This time around, the Mad German Maestro teams up with the likes of Boxcutter, 1000 Names, Doshy, RQM and Graciela Maria, amongst others. Koch happens to be one of my favorites in the game right now. His stuff demonstrates a bit more of the European sensibilities you don’t always find in U.S. beat scene, more structured and textured than a lot of the other players out there. Just to get you pumped, we’ve got an early listening treat for your ear holes.

The other main reason this week is so good is that i finally got off my ass and downloaded a new browser, thereby allowing me the ability to download from the fantastic XLR8R site. Holy Christ, it’s like a freakin’ treasure trove of grooves over there! And guess what? They had even more Robot Koch, remixed by my hero, Alex B.

What’s more, Alex B just released a brand new podcast mixtape for XLR8R, thereby bringing perfect symmetry to where we are. And thus, it all returns to foot wear.

Hell, while we’re at, i dug up a boatload of remixes over there that need to be shared with you lucky bastards. Truth be told, i don’t know too much about the first two actual artists, but you know of my love for Shigeto and Flying Lotus. Of course, the last one is just the opposite; i’m way down with Baths (thanks, Ernie and Bert!), but couldn’t tell you too much about the One AM Radio or the Los Feliz Ladies Choir. All share one thing in common, however, and that’s that they’re all bad mama jammas.

Since i’m feeling so generous today, i’ve got to also throw love towards We Did It Collective yet again for these two new gems from jonwayne, both from his upcoming Doodles CD. Sounds like that’s only going to be available at shows, so pick up these tracks and say you got there first.

The Pro~Ef camp just sent us over a sample of their upcoming adventure score series, Compression Chamber, due out September 21st 2010. Stuttering beats over hazy grooves. Me likey. If you’ve read this far, i’m guessing you will, too.

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