Beat Meet: Dilla Love

Cripes, how long has it been since we’ve done one of these?  Probably should have posted these in a larger Dilla tribute last month, but what can you do?  As mentioned previously, February is the Dilla High Holy Month, so i received quite a few such submissions.  While Feelin’ Music makes my favorite comp, that’s by no means to say there weren’t plenty of other excellent tracks that found their way into my inbox recently.

Mecca:83 was supposed to do a whole day of tracks that he essentially was going to release “live” as they were created, but a nasty bug prevented that from happening.  It did not, however, prevent him from putting together this beast for the “J Dilla Changed My Life” gig in Manchester last month.

mp3: Jays Theme (Mecca:83 from his Soundcloud)

Maintaining the same chilled vibe as Mecca:83, the Potatohead People funked up this motherfunker right here.  Comprised of the jazzy beat duo of Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical, PP gives up this gift that will eventually show up on their upcoming Mellowtunes EP.

mp3: After Hours (Dilla Tribute) (Potatohead People from Mellowtunes EP)

And to flip the script entirely, FreshNerd from 100 Akres remixes a more uptempo track.  This comes courtesy of the mad maestro’s latest mixtape.  This track notwithstanding, the new joint beats up Madonna’s True Blue.  No shit, Chet.  No shit.

mp3: Jay Dee – Pause [FrshNrd_Remix] (FreshNerd from True Beats – The Madge Beat Tape)

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