Beat Meet: DJ, Mix Me a Mix Edition

Lots of LOOOONG mixes for this installation of the Beat Meet, so i hope you’ve got some time mapped out for all this noise i’m bringing your way.

To get things rolling, however, let’s start with the thin mint goodness of “Why Like This?,” another track from Teebs’ forthcoming Ardour. If the first two tracks are any indication, the latest Brainfeeder uber-beat-maestro is going to have his own entry in the “Top 10 Beat Albums of 2010” like so many of his other label mates seem to be doing this year.

To help Mary Anne Hobbs close out her final show on BBC Radio 1, Burial and Kode9 put together the following mix. If you don’t know who MAH is, you probably have no business reading this particular column. Regardless, this mix does not disappoint.

i keep trying to spread the love for Andreya Triana, but i’m not sure if the message has been well received. Perhaps this mix from the good folks over at The Couch Sessions, highlighting far more of her career than i have, will help to prove my point.

If Flying Lotus says to check out a mix, well, you check out a mix. You can decide for yourself whether or not he’s on spot this time with the latest from Lukid. Personally, i say the Floating Flower remains on the money with this banger filled with new and exclusive material from the extended Brainfeeder family, but you’re big kids now. You can make your own decisions. Hopefully, we’ve been raising you right, so it’s all good.

Ed. Note: i don’t normally comment on the accompanying post pictures, but is it just me or is the Buddha totally scoping out that DJ’s ass? Good on you, Fat Buddha!
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