Beat Meet: Mix It Up, Space It Over, Rave It On, Spice It Down–Oh No! I Think I Need a Body Bag

With too much going on at the office, you might worry that i wouldn’t have enough time to Beat Meet, but i can promise you one thing, my loyal minions–i will ALWAYS make time for infantile puns and play-on-words. A guy has to have standards by which to live, right? Of course, i am.

Star Slinger is an appropriate nom de plume for the guy who’s taking on all comers as the most prolific, and in many cases, talented, DJ/producer out there today. i, for one, wouldn’t mind watching the space cowboy do a High Noon showdown with Jamie xx, but maybe that’s just me. Taking all comers, here’s his hand at James Vincent McMorrow’s“If I Had A Boat.” SS takes the slow ballad, stamps it with some of his trademark funk and turns it into a groover.

mp3: If I Had a Boat (Star Slinger Star Slinger’s R ‘n’ B Thug Remix) (James Vincent McMorrow from Vagrant Records Sound Cloud)

WeDidIt done did it again.  Matthewdavid’s new EP for Brainfeeder, International, is set to drop tomorrow in prep for his full-length, “Outmind,” which should be out later this year.  The eponymous lead single features spaced out vocals by Dog Bite.  As with most things WeDidIt, expect outlandish production of hazy UFO beats.

mp3: International (ft. Dog Bite) (Matthewdavid from International EP)

This next one is a tad more dance floor than i normally go for ’round these parts, but with a video that shows little kids raving their balls off and a band name like Suck Shaft, you knew this was going to get at least a couple of spins here.  With heavy synths and tight production, first single “Michal” looks to be the start of an illustrious career.  i expect we’ll be hearing a lot more of he Swedish duo of Ludvig Parment & Johan Busk sooner than later.

mp3: Michal (Suck Shaft from Suck Shaft Sound Cloud)

Suck Shaft – Michal (Official Video) from David Paullo B on Vimeo.

A lot of artists get credit for taking a mixing pot approach to music, but Atropolis ain’t no joke.  Dutty Artz has an early-year-winner with the debut of Adam “Atropolis” Patridge.  Taking equal parts beat, Latin, Carib, African, Salsa and about 500 additional ethnic genres, the self-titled CD contemporizes and “beats up” some classical shit in a new and head-nodder-approved way.  It looks to be a great year for beats, kids, and FoF is helping lead the way with beasts like this one.

mp3: Asi Asi Asi (ft. Noelia Fernandez) (Atropolis from Atropolis)

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