Beat Meet: The Combined Forces, Cowboy Gambling, Sex Talking, Boudoir Blunted, Second Introductory Edition

You been getting that jonesin’ for some beats, too, lately? Let’s scratch that itch, shall we? The good news about delayed Beat Meets is the fact that there’s generally more beats to share when we do get together like this. The real question, however, remains: did you bring me my cheez whiz, boy?

It had been almost a minute since we last heard from our favorite label, Project: Mooncircle, and i was beginning to get a tad worried. Turns out they were just putting the finishing touches on Robot Robinson, featuring stellar beats by Robot Koch and tight rhymes by John Robinson. Koch maintains his otherworldly, spaceship soundtrack while Robinson keeps those alien heads bobbing with his lyrical flow. A powerful one-two punch, to say the least. i keep waiting for P:M to drop the ball and put out something less than phenomenal. Fortunately, i have a feeling i’m going to be waiting a long time before that happens.

If oddisee is willing to back your beats, odds are your beats are worth hearing. If you would agree, you’re going to want to hear this joint by Maverick. Apparently, oddisee was so impressed with Maverick’s stuff that the established producer talked the relative rookie into dropping this debut. All instrumental hip-hop, there are some real gems in here.

Proving that unsolicited submissions from you dirty bastards often yield some of Beat Meet’s finest gems, we recently received some great stuff from Lawrence, Kansas-based Say My Name. This stuff is a bit more of the experimental variety; think Shigeto without the obvious Asian overtones or maybe somewhere between Teebs and Baths. Or think something else. Just give it a listen and hear for yourself.

Just in time for Valentine’s, in this corner, weighing it at beats the hell out of me, Star Slinger dropped another beast. Sporting tracks like Slow ‘n Wet, this three track EP continues to show that someone’s about to take the next step and start hitting the big time. Sure, that may just mean a CD on an obscure label that about 100 of us listen to, but what the hell have you done today, you smarmy bastard?

And finally, a little something from someone whose name you’re probably going to hear a fair amount ’round these parts in the coming days and weeks and sometime thereafter i haven’t decided yet. Maybe a…fortnight. With a self-described sound falling somewhere between Nosaj Thing and Flying Lotus, i’m of no mind to disagree with oddlogic. His beats are low end heavy, but have that weird blunted, spacey vibe that marks the best work of the genre. oddlogic will be gracing with our very own, FIRST EVER, LET EXCLUSIVE MIX. Suck on that, all you other blogs! To let you know why we’re so very excited about this, check out this joint. More, as they say, to follow.

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