Beat Meet: The Dissonant, Recommended, Complimentary, Compiled, Encyclopedic Edition

i know many of you are dusting off your copies of Darby O’Gill and the Little People and preparing to brew your annual batch of green beer, but in the interim, let’s Beat Meet, shall we?

You know how a lot of beat music, particularly the kind we champion ’round these parts, goes for that chilled, head nodding vibe?  Well, iLsays fuck that noise and strives for a more jarring experience.  Don’t be fooled into thinking this is merely dissonant sounds, though.  On his mixtape, apoLLo1ne3hree, the Illinois native shows a mastery of mixing skills, creating lush soundscapes that may not groove in ways you’re used to, but rolls nonetheless.

mp3: She Does (iL from apoLLo1ne3hree)

Resident beat advisor Brother Bloom recently dropped me a line suggesting i check out this new cat, AbJo.  Naturally, Brother Bloom would have heard about it first, but since that first email, i’ve seen the new maestro’s name popping up in all sorts of places, like comps with some of the most talented names in the game. AbJo’s loop and sample style reminds me somewhat of Juj, but with a more eclectic set of crates for source material.  Bottom line, never bet against Brother Bloom.  He knows that of which he speaks. 

mp3: For the Bounce (AbJo from TurnItUp!)

Oh, Oddisee.  As a thank you for fans, he dropped this stellar beat in his latest monthly news letter just because.  Apparently, he’s considering using it for the upcoming Tranqill album, but regardless, the track stands alone like a beast.  Lazy percussion, floating vocals, chopped up loops–everything a growing beat head needs for a fully balanced binge, if you ask me.

mp3: This Time Around Instrumental (Oddisee from Oddisee Newsletter Beats)

First Word Records recently put together an incredible comp, featuring, amongst others, a growing fave of mine, kidkanevil.  Snag the comp here and check out more of this guy’s namesake all by himself here.  While i thought about just talking about the Kid here, i’d be remiss if i didn’t point out that there are plenty of other bangers on this comp, too.

mp3: One for Tokyo (kidkanevil from freebeatsnbleeps)

mp3: Setsuko (BUG Remix) (kidkanevil from Two Syllables Volume 5)

mp3: On My Knees for You (Red from Two Syllables Volume 5)

If you don’t know who Dennis Coffey is, well, it’s time for you to go to your room and reflect on what you’ve done.  Luckily for you, take this killer mix from House Shoeswith you and hear both the man himself, as well as various rap tracks that sampled the man, to find out with the master guitarist is capable of committing to wax.  He’s played with everyone from the Temptations to Marvin Gaye to Funkadelic and has been used as source material by such acts as LL Cool J and Digable Planets.  Hell, old boy scored Black Belt Jones, for chrissakes! And, naturually, Father Coffey has a new CD of his own coming out later this year in April on Strut Records, so once you fall in love with the back catalogue, prepare yourself for more funk guitar goodness to come.

mp3: Constellations – The A to Z of Dennis Coffey (House Shoes from Strut Records’ Sound Cloud)

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