Beat Meet: The Endlessly Repeating, Hungry, E.T. Instructional Version

Well, kids, we’ve got a bit of everything today–recipes, instrumental jams and Pogo-like cut beats. All in all, a pretty good haul, if i do say so my damn self.

Even though i gave him a full post, seriously, people go back and DL all that Pogo stuff. After repeated listens, it only gets better. His beats using classic cartoon and movie samples are not only intricate and melodic, but head nodders you can share with the toddler set, too. Never too soon to start today’s youth down the appropriate musical path. And, clearly, i’m not the only cat who digs Mr. Pogo’s stuff, as this awesome mix from Skye dedicated to the Australian wonder attests. For his source material, Skye goes Groundhog Day on your ass. The results speak for themselves. Hell, y’all seemed to like the “Wishery” video, so try this one on for size.

Here’s a first–a recipe for a tasty treat laid over dope beats. Now, i haven’t had a chance to make this myself yet, but i have grooved to it, so i feel like i’m halfway there. Get some for yourself.

Now, one of these things is not like the other, but that doesn’t automatically mean it does not belong. Whereas Beat Meet typically is for electronic instrumental, i see no reason why we can’t include a maximalist instrumental jam, heaving on the keys and skins, that has a decidedly electro vibe to my ears. And, hey, if i’m wrong, what do you care? The music’s good, and that’s the real point of you being here anyway, right? Damn kids, here i am bringing you all this fine, fine tuneage, and that’s the thanks i get? Get the hell off my lawn! Oh, and enjoy.

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