Beat Meet: The Galloping, 24-Hour, Throttled Edition

With the weather in D.C. today being of the stay-indoor variety, today’s beat tracks seem particularly apropos. Drop the following onto your mp3 player of choice, take two, and funk me in the morning.

First off, can i once again declare my love for XLR8R? This recurring post would have a lot less material if those cats weren’t surfacing some of the best stuff out there for nerdish collectors such as myself to devour, and this week is no different.

i meant to post this earlier, but Mt. Kimbie dropped a full podcast for XLR8R, and, as you’d expect, it’s a laid back chill trip of the finest degree. Of course, there’s ample booty shaking grooves on this roughly 45 minute mix, with tracks from Zomby, Dam-Funk and Kode 9, amongst others, so there’s something for head nodders of all shades here.

i figured Baths would take the crown as the Brainfeeder champion for 2010, but Teebs continues to make his push to snatch the royal dome for himself. While i anxiously await the October 9 release of his Ardour, he continues to be the gift that keeps on giving with tracks like this for the latest in the on-going LA Series by All-City (the other side of this release shared with none other than Daedelus).

My aural equivalent of Ju-On, Shigeto is back in the mix. In anticipation of his Full Circle hitting shelves November 9 by way of Ghostly, he’s dropped the single, “Relentless Drag.” It starts off with droning Asian strings before settling into a groove before kicking up the freak factor in the closing minute. This kid continues to grow on me.

To close things out and simultaneously show that i do read more than just XLR8R, Caribou recently posted a Daytrotter set. i’ve had tickets to see the former Manitoba twice now, but keep getting called out of town for work when he does show. Here’s a taste of what i keep missing.

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