Beat Meet: The Get Off My Damn Lawn, You Punk Ass Woodland Creatures Edition

We have a whole mess of beats, but i don’t want you damn kids on my lawn any longer than necessary, so let’s have at it, shall we?

i’m not sure exactly how to categorize Japanese composer World’s End Girlfriend.  Spastic beats, live instruments of all kinds…it’s kind of an orchestral pop beat production, for lack of a better description.  He’s at once symphonic and simple, but in the best sense of both terms.  He has announced the release of his US debut, Seven Idiots, to hit June 21st. 

mp3: Les Enfants Du Paradis (World’s End Girlfriend from Seven Idiots)

Continuing in the off-the-beaten-path vein, Apparat(he of collabs with the DJ Kicks series, Modeselektor and Ellen Allien) comes at us with a sound somewhere between Bibio, Bonobo and Radiohead’slatest.  The sonics are icy, the vocals are ethereal and the groove is nice.

mp3: Ash/Black Veil (Apparat from Ash/Black Veil)

All-City Record’s L.A. Series can do no wrong.  Now on their tenth album, the project this time teams up Exile and Free The Robots, two of my faves in the game.  This sample track has a creepy, deep space vibe, claustrophobic as a space suit when you just know the alien is just beyond your helmet’s field of vision.

mp3: Dawn of the Nothing (Exile from L.A. Series 10)

Simply reeking of that Brainfeeder stank, matthewdavid nails it on this taste from his upcoming Outmind LP, fresh on the heels of his International EP .  This is synth-driven drive through a thunderstorm, kids.

mp3: Like You Mean It (matthewdavid from Outmind)

mirF, beatmaker and longtime fave of Yours Truly, just posted another new one on Band Camp, Asiatic Panoply: Everything is a Collage.  To be honest, there’s not a great deal of Asiatic noise here, with the maestro instead focusing on sampling obscure tracks, fleshing out the sound with the occasional snippet of old movie dialogue or beat poetry.  i dig his sound because it’s not like everyone else’s.  mirF clearly continues that progression here.

mp3Target Practice (mirF from Asiatic Panoply: Everything is a Collage)

mp3: Past the Cloud Sky (mirF from Asiatic Panoply: Everything is a Collage)

Another artist i’ve had my ear on for a while, 100 Akres, also is back with another new joint.  Whereas he’s genuinely feasted upon chopping up a particular artist for a given mixtape, on The Blankety Blank Beat Tape, he’s a bit more mysterious here, not outright naming his source material.  Dropping Lil’ Weezy’s verse from “A Milli” was kind of obvious, though.

mp3: iWant (100 Akres from The Blankety Blank Beat Tape)

And i’m going to close this week’s meeting with perhaps my favorite track of the week, regardless of genre.  Mo Kolours will drop his debut on One Handed Music (sounds like a masturbatory issue, but i digress).  According to the accompanying press release, the disc is “five tracks of Mo’s unique combination of Mauritian sega music, dub, soul, jazz and various electronic styles, plus a heavyweight edit.”  Here, he does a stellar job of chopping and cutting vocals, hand claps and light percussion into an early evening campfire disco.

mp3: Biddies (Mo Kolours from EP1: Drum Talking)

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