Beat Meet: The Greatest Punchline Ever Told, Consolidated, Spayed and Neutered Edition

Insert masturbatory reference here.  And add something about penguins while you’re at it.  Those little sons of bitches crack me up.

Let’s be honest, i’d probably post anything by Eliphino simply by virtue of the fact that his name is the punchline to the greatest joke ever told on Muppets Tonight.  Fortunately, old boy also is more than capable of producing some damn fine beats.  This time up, it’s a syrupy jam almost ready for the dancefloor.

mp3: No More (Eliphino from his Sound Cloud)

i got in trouble for making a Voltron reference earlier today (No shit, Chet.  No shit), so i’ll just say that members of Broken Social Scene and The Stills have consolidated to form Eight and a Half.  To mark their joining the Arts & Crafts stable, the band has just released a copy of “Scissors.”  More importantly for our purposes, TokiMONSTA already has torn that shit up for your listening pleasure.

mp3: Scissors (TokiMONSTA Remix) (Eight and a Half from their Sound Cloud)

It’s been at least a minute, but OB fave Jams Dean is back with a new album, The Price Is Alright.  JD is at his best spitting silly verses over easily recognizable, but still creative beats (who else samples Mr. Rogers, Karen O., The Price is Right and Charlie Brown?).  On his latest, however, his best joints come over less identifiable, but arguably more creative, beats.  Gotta love it when Chicago represents.

mp3: Pow Pow (prod. DJ Teenwolf) (Jams Dean from The Price is Alright)

mp3: Kickin It (feat. Classick MC)  (Jams Dean from The Price is Alright)

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