Beat Meet: The Grown Folks, Younger Sister, Local, Remixed, Kills Less Porpoises Edition

Even (especially?) if it’s a shortened week, gotta have a Beat Meet, right? This week’s installment, for the most part, features a number of winner albums. Plus, we’ve got a couple of extra treats, too. Let’s be honest, for our U.S. readers, you’re going to need a soundtrack for the self-induced coma you’re going to put yourself into come Turkey Day. Fortunately for you, this can be it.

i’m constantly bemoaning (bragging about?) the fact that we get a LOT of submissions here at LET. And as good a job as we try to do listening to everything, well, things are going to fall through the cracks, plain and simple. Sometimes, though, the Fates realize this will not stand. Such is the case with Durojaiye Versatile’s The Fermented Sessions. When DV sent a follow-up email earlier asking what we thought of the album, i had to scramble, but i’m glad i took the time to listen the second time around. The wine label CD art pretty much sums up the experience–grown folks’ grooves just right for a dinner party mentality. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is NPR-approved, light stuff, though–while i’m sure they’d dig it, too, this is for beat heads.

If the Powers-That-Be had their way, we wouldn’t be talking about Caroline here at the Beat Meet. The Mice Parade member and younger sister of J-Pop sensation Olivia Lufkin originally was signed as the next J-Popper sensation, but walked away from a huge contract to make the music she wanted to make. What we’ve got here is ethereal vocals over dreamy beats and occasional, crisp percussion. i calls ’em likes i sees ’em, and this is one to keep an ear open for when it drops on January 25, 2011.

Oddisee is blowing up the world over, but as a Prince George’s County native, well, we DC-area bloggers take special pride in this hometown talent. Were you a fan of his work with Trek Life on Everything Changed Nothing? Were you more interested in the grooves than the raps? Well, are you in luck today then, kiddo, as we’ve got the instrumentals here for your listening pleasure.

Sure, that’s all good and well, but where’s your Glitch Mob fix? Well, i do happen to have the latest DJ Vadim remix of Fortune Days featuring Yarah Bravo & Pugs Atomz. So eat, eat, you jackals. When the album on January 12, 2011, all proceeds go towards Haiti relief programs, so enjoy this sample, and then do the right thing when the time comes.

And since it is a feast week for we fat assed Americans, what better way to close things out than with another Simple Recipe from our beloved Pro~Ef? Answer: there isn’t one. Tell me i’m wrong when i tell you that all recipes are better when read over stellar beats. Can’t do it, can you? Don’t question your Uncle Terrible, kids. Just trust me on this one.
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