Beat Meet: The Honest, Initialed, Laughable, Gritty, Progressive, Twitterpated Edition

As some of you may have noticed, i’ve been doing a bit of side writing over at Passion of the Weiss recently, effectively cheating on myself.  Interestingly enough, the days Jeff posts something of mine tend to be some of my least trafficked days here at OB.  Thanks a lot, Jeff, you jerk face.  i’m still waiting for my club jacket, while we’re on the topic.  For my 12 loyal readers, don’t even get me started on the initiation process.  i still can’t get that taste out of my mouth, and those stains on the drapes aren’t going anywhere fast.  Word to the wise, be wary of hooded men brandishing paddles emblazoned with Greek graffiti riding goats and quoting Danny Brown lyrics.  What the hell were we talking about again?  Oh yeah, Beat Meet.

Remember how Jamie xx flipped that Adele joint?  Well, White Arrows did a very similar thing with Alexander’s Truth.  Already my favorite track on that album, this remix gives it a bit of beat flavor.

mp3Truth (White Arrows Remix) (Alexander from over here)

The folks over at Don’t Be Afraid are getting ready to throw a party in East London to celebrate recent releases by Semtek and Mr. Beatnik, but i doubt i’m going to be able to make it myself.  For those of us who can’t attend, Semtek and DBA have graciously offered up the following freebie.  Bottom line, i can’t remember the last time a track made me want to lock and pop this much.  Get your robot groove on here.

mp3: TBC (Semtek from their Band Camp)

In advance of the 7/19 release date of Family & Friends, the Anticon solo debut by Chicago MC, Serengeti, we’ve received the first single, Ha-Ha.  As convoluted a sentence as that was, imagine an utterly unique flow over Dirty Projectors-style beats and vocal arrangements.  It’s weird, and i like it.

mp3Ha-Ha (Serengeti from Family & Friends)

Sporting one of my favorite titles so far this year, David Vangel’s Breadth Control drops via Equinox records shortly, and, naturally, he, too, has a single for your ear holes.  What can i say, i’m a sucker for a good play on words.  A stew of sleazy synths, snares and kick drums, i’m hearing a slightly less stoner take on trip-hop.  Skip-hop, maybe?  Wow.  No, that’s a terrible name.  Good track, though.

mp3: Sandpaper Script (David Vangel from Breadth Control)

It’s not like i’ve heard a TOKiMONSTA track i haven’t dug, and the latest from her recently released Creature Dreams EP is no exception.  “Moving Forward” sounds like what i imagine a flock of electronic birds (like the owl from the original Clash of the Titans) in flight might sound like.  Of course, it’s arguable i experimented with too many hallucinogens in college.  We’re not here to judge, though, are we?

mp3Moving Forward (TOKiMONSTA from Creature Dreams EP)

To close today’s Beat Meet, let’s be honest, what’s the easiest way to find your track posted here at Odd Bloggings?  That’s right, send me nudes of your ex’s.  Secondarily, though, send me a track that incorporates highly suspect (legally speaking) audio samples from strongly copyrighted children’s movies.  Well, brandon* did just that with his take on Bambi.  Thanks to the Couch Sessions for surfacing this one.

mp3: Twitterpated (brandon* from his Sound Cloud)

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