Beat Meet: The Locally Alien, Arguably Moral, Stoney Canuck Edition

Emailed submissions are the manna of the lazy blogger, or so i’m told.  Clearly, i’ve got feelers across the entire multiverse, but it’s nice to have the occasional “Oh look, less work for me” moment.  As luck would have it, today was just such a Monday morning.

Local legends Fort Knox Five are getting ready to embark on a five show tour across the Rocky Mountains.  In honor of doing so, the band dropped this gem taking 2004′s “The Brazilian Hipster” and “reminting” it with Da Bush Babees “We Run Tings” acapella and some vocals from the Fugees “Ooh La La.”  The end result, i do believe, is more than ample to get your party started right.

mp3: The Hipster Runs Through Things (DC’s Finest Remint) (Fort Knox Five from their Sound Cloud)

Our guy Emay is back, this time with his Incorruptible EP.  In his own words, the five-track EP is ” a very brief project that is based on some concepts and ideas that my mind never completely understood, but I felt enough about these thoughts that I could create something small out of them.”  Personally, i like to see the young MC/producer’s continual growth, branching out from the usual trite territory of stale samples and say nothing lyrics that most noobs use in favor of something a little more beat oriented.  i suppose that’s particuarly evident on the last two instrumental tracks here, which are beasts.

mp3: Against the Wind “The Battle” (Emay from Incorruptible)

mp3: Dove for Tara (Bonus Beat) (Emay from Incorruptible)

Then i get a note from a Vancouver DJ/producer asking for some love for his recent beat project.  Contained on said album is the track “Midnight Purple Kush.”  Yes, i thought.  This is something i can get behind.  AstroLogical creates deep purple concord jams with an ear for the funky and hip hop oriented.  Methinks you’ll likey.

mp3: Count Me Out (AstroLogical from Living Fossils)

mp3: Midnight Purple Kush (AstroLogical from Living Fossils)

mp3: The Throne (AstroLogical from Living Fossils)

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