Beat Meet: The Not Well Done, Greek, Remixed Edition

Just a few odds and ends to keep your Monday rolling along at a nice, leisurely pace.

The experimental Non Projects label would like to introduce you to their latest spacey beat head, RareBit.  His The Destroyer EP hits shelves tomorrow, so to get you in the mood for his pastiche of glitches, loops, field recordings and all around weirdery, give this one a listen.  If you like what you hear, pick up the CD.  If you’re still not sure, check out the second track, a Maxime le Forestier cover.  If you’re still not sure, lay off that pipe, son.  It’s making your brains mushy, which in turn give the reefer a bad name, and that’s simply not cool.  Damn kids today.

mp3Blue Blood Baskets (RareBit from The Destroyer EP)

mp3: San Francisco Crush (RareBit from Non Projects Soundcloud)

The Music Ninja hipped me to the laid back stylings of Billa Quase, calling the Grecian’s music “vintage hip-hop beats to blues, swing and early 50′s sounds whilst chopping up the melodies and vocals.”    While certainly a fair comparison, am i the only one hearing major Nujabes vibes here?  With high praise from such a high source, i felt obligated to track down more of his available tunes for your jackals.  This is for the beaty funkateer in all of us.

m4a: funk br3k (Billa Quase from his Soundcloud)

mp3: I Walk Alone (Billa Quase from Night & Day)

The name Hourglass Sea should be familiar to regular readers.  What you may not know, however, is that he’s a beast with the remix, too.  And because he chose to remix our  Chief Technical Officer’s fave artist, you know we were going to post that here.  HS adds some bombastic funk to Adele’s “Rollin’ in the Deep.”  And the results are tasty, indeed.

mp3Rollin’ in the Deep (Hourglass Sea Remix) (Hourglass Sea from his Soundcloud)

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